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NO fees for API or EDI to any entity worldwide.
True TMS SaaS is only $50k connectivity to ERP such as Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.
NO transaction fees unless you request them.
Every cost is transparent with the ability to accelerate or change your business units with Agile technology.


Rail & Trucking Predictive Analytics

Digital Bulk Logistics Transformation by legendary John Vogt execution one of the largest rail and trucking fleets globally

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We drive performance and give you advantage of every competitive cost savings

At Global Supply Chain Leaders Making a Difference

Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics takes CIO of the Year

Digital Logistics & Dedicated Fleet Transformation.
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Global Supply Chain

Woman Leaders Making a Difference

Katie Mehnert, CEO Pink Petro, Dd Budiharta, CISO, Laura Lewis, CFO, Mears Group, Maggie Seeliger,SVP, Strategy & Marketing, Diana Urelius, JD, Senior Trade Compliance Manager

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Integrates with multiple systems to be single window for visibility


Together we can make a Difference

Through US trafficked women and girls recovery program. David Reid, CMO NOV and Bruce C Mann, Director, Freight Mobility Port of Houston

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Global Supply Chain Leaders Are Using TMSfirst To Complete their Digital Logistics Transformation and Outperform Their Competitors



We walk with you as we scale our application with your organization till you realize the benefits of the solution


Along with the champions in your company we go hand in hand to configure and create the best solution on our platform. An USP of us.


As you adopt the platform and realize the benefits we help you automate and keep ahead of competition


Understand your process and structure it with our experience into phased approach achieving faster time to value

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    It was TMSfirst honor to present the Stars awards and share with 1600 people at the Southern Manufacturing Event the need to take one step to remove human trafficking Thank you Rick Walker #manufacturing #automotive #RedM #RedeemedMinistries #Humantrafficking

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    US logistics manager's are calling the wrong providers and paying broker's on average 31% margin scrambling for capacity… #logisticsmanagement

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    Another great year to be at Dreamforce #DF18

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    Register today to join TMSfirst at the Southern Automotive Conference in Atlanta, Oct. 3 – 5, and take advantage of a special one-day only sale! Save $200 off the regular non-member price with promo code: FSSAC2018. Hope to see you there! #automotive #logistics #inbounddigital

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    The Stakes Are High: Inside the Team Developing Ford’s New Generation of Electric Vehicles #electricvehicles

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    “Let’s put all the eyes of Texas on the fight against human trafficking.” Join us Sept 20th. Thank you Matthew McConaughey, the University of Texas, and multimedia professionals for joining the fight to end human trafficking in Texas. #takeonestepchallenge #RedM To learn more, visit our website at

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    Take One Step with us and join us September 20th to support the healing program for adult survivors of human trafficking. we are so grateful to be involved. #TakeOneStepChallenge #DoSomething 

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    Come join TMSfirst Oct 3-5 at the fastest-growing automotive region in North America.  #automotive 

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    Uber's self-driving trucks division is dead #truck #trucking

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    Learn more about Sex Trafficking and do something. Buy a ticket for the Keep Houston Free Gala on September 20th. Take one step. This organization has taken the norm of 20% recovery from trafficking of vulnerable American ladies to an 80% success rate and they are by far the most careful stewards of what they receive I have met. They put the money in to recovery and work on as much pro-bono as they can. Hence me making a video for them with a pro bono RedM partner company called Cntrl Shift VFX. The Gala will include one of my favorite business entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, David Batstone, who turns Human Trafficking problems in to business growth potential. He does this to help fight back and create self sustaining survivors and put an end to the vulnerable humans #vulnerability #TakeOneStep #RedM Redeemed Ministries Jocelyn Randolph #KeepHoustonFree #probono #SexTrafficking #Houston #DoSomething #repost Take one step. Buy a seat and I’ll see you there...

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    Save one women’s life in July  If your company has limited funds to commit currently we will provide our services at no charge to provide immediate logistics savings in less than 30 days so you can work with us on eradicating human trafficking and attend the RedM Gala event September 20th for Redeemed Women’s Recovery Program #Logistics #humantrafficking

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    Building the TMS Case: How to Link the ROI to Your Business Strategy and Build Stakeholder Support

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    David Reid was acknowledged as “Humanitarian of The Year” at the Global Supply Chain Leaders – Making a Difference event. It was quite challenging to decide who would receive the first humanitarian award, and for that reason we wish to share a bit about why we chose David. A people person through and through, David has made charity something of a personal mission. The call to help those in need, combined with an unwavering commitment to his faith, led David to help a local faith-based nonprofit as it works to assist the forgotten girls and women who are victims of sex and human trafficking. Recognizing the importance of the charity’s unique mission, David has been tirelessly working to bring together friends and colleagues to promote the organization and drive transformational change in its reach. At the Global Supply Chain Leaders recent event, Bruce Mann and David Reid shared their passion with the audience, united in the belief that together—through the US trafficked women and girls recovery program—we can make a difference. #TMSfirst is providing access to David Reid's video presentation "Together we can make a Difference" here: #RedM Redeemed Ministries #award #video #humanitarian #charities

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    Truck Orders Soaring on Growing Freight Demand

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    Congratulations Reggie Dupré, chief executive officer of Dupré Logistics.

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    Dupré’s Bob Verret named CIO of the Year Dupré Logistics, a leading capacity-solutions provider and TMSfirst is pleased to announce that Bob Verret has been named CIO of the Year by Global Supply Chain Leaders. Verret was awarded at the Global Supply Chain Leaders – Making a Difference event held in Houston earlier this month. During the event, Verret, CIO at Dupré Logistics, made a presentation that demonstrated his visionary execution of digital logistics and dedicated fleet transformation at Global Supply Chain Leaders annual event earlier this month. “We further acknowledged Reggie Dupré, CEO, and Bob Verret for their drive to deliver over 20 percent growth with exemplary team members and a humbled approach in supporting multiple non-profit industries, such as Hope for Opelousas, Redeemed Ministries and Boy Scouts of America,” said Tim Sensenig, CEO of TMSFirst. #TMSfirst is providing access to Bob Verret’s CIO of the Year video presentation, “Digital Logistics Transformation” here: “I am honored to be recognized for the work I’ve done for Dupré Logistics. I am grateful to have the opportunity and use my skills for a company whose mission and approach I embrace,” said Verret.

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    Kamala Raman was awarded Network Design & Optimization Executive of the Year 2018 at the Global Supply Chain Women Leaders – Making a Difference event held in Houston earlier this month. #TMSfirst congratulates Kamala on her ability to translate boardroom directives into focused network optimization projects that help supply chains deliver on sustainability targets. Thank you for your outstanding presentation and supporting #RedM. Kamala Raman, is a Research Director at Gartner. Join Global Supply Chain Leaders at and Make a Difference.

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    Looking forward to joining Bart De Muynck, VP and the rest the Gartner Team next week at Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 14 - 17 May 2018 | Phoenix #TMSfirst #Transportation

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    Mike Shields, receives "Material Management Executive of The Year 2018" at Global Supply Chain Leaders – Making a Difference. Mr. Shields, has been Driven to Deliver on all levels of Global Material Management for his entire career with 1.2 million SKU’s from 15,000 vendors inbound to over 275 branches 8 DC’s and any lateral long position for last mile outbound. #TMSfirst congratulates Mike Shields on his forward thinking into demand forecasting analytics and inventory management execution after completing a digital logistics transformation saving DistributionNOW millions. Lastly we thank him for being one of the most compassionate family men we know while rebuilding houses in his spare time for Hurricane Harvey victims, supporting #Redeemed Ministries & Mike Shields is the Director of Material Management, DistributionNOW, the global market leader in energy and industrial markets. Join Global Supply Chain Leaders at and Make a Difference