TMSfirst listens to the needs of our customers with AI Powered Advanced Analytics connecting everything for 360 degree real time customer experience

Global Supply Chain Leaders Are Using TMSfirst To Complete their Digital Logistics Transformation and Outperform Their Competitors

Worldwide Connectivity with no monthly API or Control Tower Charges

Single Platform to Enable Best In Class Collaboration for Carriers and Shippers



We walk with you as we scale our application with your organization until you realize the benefits of the solution


Along with the champions in your company we go hand in hand to configure and create the best solution on our platform. An USP of us.


As you adopt the platform and realize the benefits we help you automate and keep ahead of competition


Understand your process and structure it with our experience into phased approach achieving faster time to value

Faster ROI

NO fees for API or EDI to any entity worldwide.
True TMS SaaS is only $50k connectivity to ERP such as Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.
NO transaction fees unless you request them.
Every cost is transparent with the ability to accelerate or change your business units with Agile technology.


Rail & Trucking Predictive Analytics

Digital Bulk Logistics Transformation by legendary John Vogt execution one of the largest rail and trucking fleets globally

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Taking Control

We drive performance and give you advantage of every competitive cost savings

Control Tower

Complete Visibility

Integrates with multiple systems to be single window for visibility

Global Supply Chain

Woman Leaders Making a Difference

Katie Mehnert, CEO Pink Petro, Dd Budiharta, CISO, Laura Lewis, CFO, Mears Group, Maggie Seeliger,SVP, Strategy & Marketing, Diana Urelius, JD, Senior Trade Compliance Manager

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At Global Supply Chain Leaders Making a Difference

Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics takes CIO of the Year

Digital Logistics & Dedicated Fleet Transformation.
To view Bob Verret’s visionary execution access presentation.

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Together we can make a Difference

Through US trafficked women and girls recovery program. David Reid, CMO NOV and Bruce C Mann, Director, Freight Mobility Port of Houston

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LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 6 Days Agoview on linkedin


    Golf for Good 1st Annual exceeds expectations. The women that we support are grateful. Thank you Sponsors & RedM Team for outstanding support of the #1 Women's Human Trafficking Program #humantrafficking #grateful

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    Great move Fred Smith, a great reminder that FedEx has the 1st mover advantage, #logistics

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    Come join us June 11 for the Redeemed Golf Charity event to support the most successful women’s recovery program from Human Trafficking TMSfirst will provide you with a pass #charity #humantrafficking

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    TMSfirst AI-driven tools help make deliveries more efficient, boosting productivity #trucking #transportation

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    Come join us June 11. TMSfirst has 4 passes available if you wish to participate and help the #1 women's recovery program.

  • 1 Months, 17 Days Agoview on linkedin


    Amazon is Gobbling up a Mall near our TMSfirst office

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    Come join 10 corporations June 11 in the fight against Human Trafficking. Auction items include signatures from all Houston Astros!! #golfing #charities #humantrafficking #redm #corporations #houston #astros

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    How Brands Around the Globe Are Commemorating Earth Day TMSfirst supports sustainability daily in Transportation . #transportation

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    We look forward to an exciting day of golf and hope you will join us in support of this worthy cause. Thank you in advance for helping us fight human trafficking and keep Houston free. #humantrafficking #charities

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    Driving your next wave of transportation & logistics growth faster with TMSfirst Advanced Analytics #transportation

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    For over a decade, Congress has effectively lacked a formula distribution for highway dollars, instead relying on fixed ratios that reflects population, transportation and safety conditions that are almost 2 decades out of date. As a result, year after year Texas has the lowest rate of return of any state when it comes to our federal transportation dollars. We appreciate these efforts, led by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (@RepEBJ) for leading the charge to draft this letter and gain the support of every member of the Texas delegation. More information is available at #transportation

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    It's Trucker's Against Trafficking 10th birthday!!!! Help us celebrate by making a private donation today. Any amount helps!

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    Come join us June 11 and support the most successful recovery program for women suffering from human trafficking #humantrafficking

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    Here is a product from one of my friend David Batstone’s companies that is ethically and sustainably sourced, these are not only top notch shoes, but they have a purpose. Check it out and be part of changing the world we live in. #EndModernDaySlavery #EthicalSourcing #Sustainable #GreatQuality #ChangingCultureOnePersonandOnePurchaseAtATime

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    Amazon Has a Fulfillment Cost Issue It Needs to Resolve #retailing #warehousing #distributionlogistics

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    Come join second RedM meeting happening on Monday, March 25th from 7-9pm. Special guest David Batstone! David Batstone is the founder and managing director of Just Business, a social impact investment firm. His portfolio of successful ventures includes REBBL, the "top new organic beverage in the USA"; Z Shoes; Square Organics; and Not For Sale.

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    The message is simple and clear: if you see anyone underage being prostituted, they are a trafficking victim. Call law enforcement and the national human trafficking hotline! If you see an adult or minor under pimp control, they are a trafficking victim. Make the call, save lives! 1-888-373-7888 #transportation #humantrafficking

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  • 4 Months, 4 Days Agoview on linkedin


    Samsung Delivers the platform of choice

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    Intermodal-only gains kick off February #transportation